The demand for a Legal/Forensic Photographer finds its way into almost every aspect of a lawyer's practice.  Present day equipment makes it possible for any interested lay person to produce fairly good photographs.  As long as a photograph is a "Fair and Accurate Representation of the Scene Depicted", there is no reason that photographs taken by a non-professional cannot be entered into evidence in a court of law.  However, it is in the lawyer's and client's best interest to retain the services of a professional who has concentrated his practice in the field of Legal/Forensic Photography. We are those professionals.  We are an independent party to the action.  We are able to testify as a disinterested witness if called upon to verify the photographs.

The value of Legal/Forensic Photographic Documentation and Demonstrative Evidence in closely contested litigation is beyond dispute.  What may be in question is who should provide the attorney with these invaluable exhibits.


We are the most respected Legal/Forensic Photographic House in the Delaware Valley.  During the past 61 years, we have provided more than 1000 client legal  firms with:

Professional In-House Photographic & Video  Services

Photographic Services In The Tri-State Area

Full Color Enlargements Produced From Any Snapshot, Negative, Slide, X-Ray, Videotape, Medical Book, Digital Files and Text Files

Black & White Document Enlargements of Medical Records and Charts,  Contracts, Accident / Police Reports and Other Documents

Expert Court Room Testimony

Videotape Depositions, Day-In-The-Life Videos

Large Format Displays From Medical Illustrations

Written Reports Provided For Photographic Documentation Assignments

Exhibits and Displays

Our professional photographers are on call every day. We document your client's injury, scenes of accident and criminal activity, and other evidence necessary for your case.

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